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Homemade Bike Fender

November 17, 2009 Leave a comment

It took a while, but I finally finished my DIY bicycle fender made out of shampoo bottles. At first I thought one bottle cut in half and bolted together would do the trick, but it wasn’t long enough. I put it off a while, and then I had to add on that last segement a little haphazardly, due to a coming snow storm. I am pleased with the results, though. It’s nice to have a place to slap on all those stickers I have been saving, and so far it seems to be working!

It attaches to my seat post and frame with a bike pump attachment that just happens to snap perfectly in that spot. I had to secure it to the shampoo bottle base at 4 different spots to make sure it was straight and didn’t wobble.

I realize I could have bought a real fender for around ten bucks. But when I saw them on other bikes, I had one of those “I could make that” moments. It is just a piece of plastic, after all.  It took some tinkering, but shampoo bottles were the perfect solution, I think. Voila: upcycled bike fender. Not the prettiest, but I’m proud to have turned potential garbage into something useful. Now I can get to work and back when the road is wet without having my whole backside soaked. And I can still recycle the fender whenever I am done with it.


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