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Snobby Joes

May 22, 2010 1 comment

Sloppy Joes for snobby vegans.

With tots of course.

Made with French green lentils, green bell pepper, tomato sauce, and onion. Our new Veganomicon is paying dividends already. I can see this in a public school lunch program. Easy, tasty, healthy, fun for kids, ethically delicious.


Red Lentil Dal

January 14, 2010 Leave a comment

This tasty dal is one of the recent fruits of my efforts to incorporate more legume-based protein into my diet, in lieu of soy. I’m not giving up soy, just trying to supplant it when I can. As vegans, we have an opportunity to get the bulk of our protein from more complete sources like beans and lentils, and I hope to use that opportunity to discover lots of new recipes.

I was very pleased with how this dal experiment came out, and I hope to make variations on it pretty often. I found the recipe for it online. Dals are pretty easy, and The New York Times put a quick little guide up online for making simple legume-based dishes in their Minimalist series, so check that out for more ideas.

Some prep pics: